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You are about to invest your time and resources to earn a degree.  Make sure you choose the right learning environment.
There are many advantages to distance learning:

         Enjoy Bible study with great excitement? 
         Have your deepest spiritual needs met? 
         Maintain your current job and residence. 
         Save time and money by not commuting every week.
         Do you feel a calling to ministry?  Need Ordination?
         Let ITS make your house its Campus.

Success in a distance learning environment requires a self-directed, well-organized person. To determine if distance learning is right for you, consider the following:

How much time will it take me?
What study skills do I need?
What equipment will I need?
How much will it cost?
Am I qualified?

How Much Time Will It Take Me? 
At ITS, you work at a pace that is comfortable for you.  This affords ambitious learners the freedom to progress more rapidly than might be possible in a traditional, campus based college or seminary.

Bachelor's Programs can be completed in as little as 10 - 20 months.  Students generally are working on two courses at a time.  Students can finish as many courses, or as few, per year as their own pace permits.  Click on "Overview of Degree Programs" on the side bar for more information.

Master's Programs can be finished in as little as 12 - 18 months.  Master's programs are offered in two course terms.  Students can finish in less than six terms.  You can expect to spend 15 - 20 hours per week in ITS based course-based programs.   Click on "Overview of Degree Programs" on the side bar for more information.

Doctorate and Ph.D Programs as a rule take slightly longer to complete.  Since students work at their own pace it is difficult to say how long it will take a student to complete.  On the average students finish in 12 - 18 months.   Click on "Overview of Degree Programs" on the side bar for more information.

What Study Skills and Equipment Do I Need?  At International Theological Seminary, the study tools you need are suggested in the course material.   The courses are very student friendly and designed to help you focus on your degree program.  You will also need access to a computer and have some basic computer skills.  If you get stuck your assigned Mentor is easily reached by a phone call or email.

How Much Will It Cost? Tuition and fees are listed throughout this website and  International Theological Seminary works very hard to keep the tuition and fees low enough for almost everyone to earn and pay for their degree.

Enrollment fee is  $ 25.00
Graduation fee is  $100.00
All Bachelor degree tuitions are $1700.00                                 
All Master degree tuitions are $1975.00                                   
All Doctorate degree tuitions are $2400.00             
Course materials range from $29.00 to $135.00 on the Doctorate level.
Shipping per course averages $7.00
Am I Qualified?
I can assure you that if you love the Word of God and are enthusiastic about learning, you are qualified.

Courses start at your level, take you as deep as you want to go, and at your pace, so you can get hold of that for which God has taken hold of you. 

"ITS" High Points

  • The first seminary on the internet
  • "ITS" is accredited by the A.C.I.P.C.U.
  • A founding member of the prestigious Florida Council of Private Colleges and Universities.

College Credits for Life Experience

  • Number of years in Ministry
  •  Previous college experience
  •  Get a step up on your education with what you already know.

ITS Mentoring Program

  • Ready access to a faculty member or Student leader to get a fresh perspective on the lessons.
  • Encouragement from someone who is on the same path.

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