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Welcome From Dr. Kenneth A. Hughes, President

Dear Student,

ITS has offered degrees since 1983 and as the first seminary on the Internet since 1992.  ITS offers a distance-learning educational program with no on-campus requirements. In this web site, we have provided you with all of the information you will need to make an informed and prayerful decision concerning International Theological Seminary. If you have additional questions, please use the web form, call, or write to the address below. For further helpful information you can go to our website at: www.its.edu.
International Theological Seminary is a non-denominational Christian seminary. It is a member of the Florida Council of Private Colleges, Universities and Seminaries. ITS has many students who study at home and never come to campus. They are former students of Baptist seminaries, Methodist seminaries, Full-gospel seminaries and many denominations from every State of the Union and many countries world-wide. Many of the students of International Theological Seminary have never attended a seminary before enrolling in ITS!

International Theological Seminary

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We will be of assistance to you. God bless all your endeavors for Him!

In His Service,

Kenneth A. Hughes, Ph.D.



Statement of Faith

We Believe:

  1. In the inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God - the Holy Bible.
  2. There is one God eternally manifested in the person of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. In the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, in His vicarious and atoning sacrifice through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension, and in His personal return in power and glory upon the earth.
  4. Regeneration and conversion through faith in Jesus Christ is absolutely essential for the salvation of lost and sinful humanity.
  5. The Gospel includes holiness of heart and life, healing of the body and a definite experience with the Holy Spirit, whereby the gifts of the Holy Spirit become active in the life of the believer.
  6. A life awareness of the presence of God's Kingdom here on earth today and faith in the complete restoration of the Kingdom of God upon the earth in the future.
  7. In the bodily resurrection of believers at the end time; the just unto eternal life and the unjust into eternal damnation.
  8. In the spiritual unity of all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  9. We also believe there are many other God-called fellowships, organizations and/or associations of which International Theological Seminary is only one.


Statement of Purpose

International Theological Seminary (ITS) provides education and training to ministers, Bible teachers and Christian workers around the wold and the Middle East thru 3 major websites. This task is achieved with a positive commitment and belief that the Bible is God's infallible Word. As such, it is trustworthy, authoritative and sufficient.

General Information

ITS is a non-profit, Evangelical, Inter-denominational Bible Seminary specializing in Theological and Ministerial training. The Seminary is accredited by the Association of Independant Christian Colleges and Theological Seminaries (AICCS) and a Certified Member of the prestigious Florida Council of Private Colleges (FCPC).

ITS was established in 1983 on the belief that an education is a valuable asset and will help individuals find direction, perceive opportunities, adjust to life and make a contribution to society. The educational program offered is completely biblical in its approach to life and corroborates the inherent values of the intellectual, social, physical and spiritual aspects of development.

ITS provides educational opportunities to people who want to experience further education. It provides Biblical training to ministers and Christian lay people who desire to serve their churches and communities as preachers, teachers or religious leaders.


Educational Objectives
  1. Provide a nontraditional educational setting through which basic learning tools are made available so that students may fulfill their educational desires and objectives.
  2. To help students assess their educational needs and satisfy them through a core of studies in a Biblical Education.
  3. To give people the opportunity to study the meaning of Biblical information and understand historical Christian interpretations of religious literature.
  4. To offer a self-paced learning experience giving students an opportunity to realize a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior while developing a sensitivity to the ethical and social demands of our time.
  5. To inform and make available to students the learning resources and media support required to maximize their learning and retention of acquired knowledge.
  6. To provide communicative skills to qualify students to preach the Gospel.
  7. To evaluate the student's proficiency, in relationship to standards of performance, acceptable to other nontraditional and traditional educational enterprises.
  8. To prepare students for Christian services in their church and community.


Accreditation Information

Many students are concerned about accreditation, and rightly so. Accreditation is one way for prospective students to know that a school and the programs which it offers have been recognized by an association higher than itself. Unfortunately, misunderstandings have developed which have misled some students. Many are confused as to what accreditation actually is. On this page, we at ITS want to explain what accreditation is so that you, the student, will be better informed and more able to make a qualified decision concerning your educational choices. Whether you choose to study at ITS or not, we hope that this information will serve you as you research and find the program that God has for you.

Basically, accreditation is a way by which educational institutions determine the acceptance of credits or degrees. There are two main forms of accreditation - Independent and Regional.


Independent Accreditation

Because the purpose of accreditation is to provide a way for educational facilities to determine the acceptance of credits and degrees, and because all accreditation is purely voluntary, many institutions who choose not to conform to governmental restrictions, but do wish to provide high quality education choose some form of independent accreditation.

International Theological Seminary is an educational facility that has declined seeking regional accreditation based on the desire to teach the whole Word of God. We will not compromise the Biblical message and therefore do not seek the approval of government recognized accreditation. However, we do want to provide our students with exceptional study opportunities, course material and the freedom to transfer credit. For this reason, ITS has sought and qualified for accreditation with the Association of Independant Christian Colleges and Seminaries.  International Theological Seminary has been fully accredited January 1, 1996.


Independent Council

International Theological Seminary has also sought and received membership in and Certification from the prestigious Florida Council of Private Colleges and meets all of the requirements and authorization statutes of the State of Florida.


Regional Accreditation

Sometimes erroneously referred to as Governmental accreditation, Regional accreditation is granted by six private corporations, known as agencies. Each agency is responsible for and provides accreditation for universities in a separate area of the country. The reason that this type of accreditation is sometimes referred to as governmental accreditation is because schools recognized by these six agencies are recognized by the federal government and are eligible to receive government funds. Students of these institutions are eligible for student loans and grants. Conversely, students who do not attend a regionally accredited school are not eligible for government funds. Many excellent schools are regionally accredited and students with career goals that require a degree from a regionally accredited institution will want to complete a program of study from one of these governmentally approved schools.

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